The CPA firm built for CPAs.

Dark Horse empowers you to build and scale your own book of business within a collaborative community. It’s truly a better way to CPA.

Pick your poison.

Work for a bureaucratic, soul-sucking, traditional CPA firm.

Find out how difficult it is to go out on your own.

These were the choices if you wanted to stay in public accounting—until Dark Horse changed the game. We’ve democratized the resources, tools and technology needed to build and service your own book of business. But don’t take our word for it. Read about it from our CPAs.

Success Stories

The antidote for what ails you.

Why create a firm from scratch when we’ve already done the tough stuff for you? After all, the only asset you can sell as a CPA is your book of business. So why dilute your efforts by trying to wear all of the ill-fitting hats of a business owner? You’ll scale your book faster with us. You'll spend time doing more of what stimulates you. And, most importantly, you'll add value to your clients. And when it comes time to sell, you’ll have a much bigger asset on your hands.

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What we are (not).

This isn’t a franchise model, and it’s not just a back-office service offering. This is a full-service CPA firm that you become a part-owner in and run your own P&L for. It’s everything that’s great about the collective resources and knowledge of a CPA firm without the politics, resistance to change, and opaque overhead allocations to partners.

The Dark Horse difference.

Support On All Sides

Support On All Sides

From on-demand fractional and full-time staffing to our big-brained CPA community, get all the help you need.

You’ll benefit from:
  • Collaborative direction on major initiatives
  • Training creation and execution
  • Work Papers
  • Technology management
  • Marketing management, and setup.
Freedom & Flexibility

Freedom & Flexibility

Work where, when, and how you want with your clients. It’s independent, remote work on your terms.

You’ll benefit from:
  • 100% Trust In Managing your own schedule
  • Build your Book with clients YOU want
  • 100% Remote
  • Take time off when you need
Marketing & Branding

Marketing & Branding

Opportunities for exposure abound on our blog, vlog, podcast, and social media outlets. Leverage our brand for yours.

What you’ll get:
  • Dedicated marketing resources
  • Best practices
  • Consistent and effective ad spend monitored and managed by our marketing team
Optimal Tech Stack

Optimal Tech Stack

Our ever-evolving tech stack allows you to work at peak efficiency. No more time wasted, save time for what matters most.

We're a dedicated team focused on implementing the best technology that evolves based on needs and wants. And we have a willingness to pivot fast when necessary.

Financial Incentives

Financial Incentives

Enjoy ongoing revenue streams, revenue sharing opportunities, an initial stock option grant, and leads galore.

You’ll benefit from:
  • Industry partnerships
  • Referral incentives
  • Company ownership
  • Strong earnings on performance.
Other Benefits Abound

Other Benefits Abound

We have only scratched the surface. And when it’s time to sell, get paid out at 1.25X your Annual Recurring Revenue.

You’ll also get:
  • Cool Dark Horse swag
  • Real estate opportunities
  • Balance plans
  • and more!

Choose your own adventure.

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