Our CPAs

Our Dark Horse dream team keeps on growing. Discover and join the ranks of those who have found a better way to CPA.

Chase Birky
CEO + Co-Founder
Max Fritz
Director + Co-Founder
Justin Kurn
VP - Principal Development
Suzi Drennen
Principal | North County SD, CA
John Warner
Principal | St. Louis, MO
Jordan Keller
Principal | Houston, TX
Natalie Cohen
Principal | Portland, OR
Hayes Hokanson
Principal | North County SD, CA
Chris Chapman
Principal | College Station, TX
Erik Hegstad
Principal | Durango & Fort Collins, CO
Stella Sanchez
Senior Manager | St. Louis, MO
Sarah Schiewe
Senior Manager | Missoula, MT
Teddy Mizerak
Senior Manager | Louisville, KY
Clark Watts
Senior Manager | Louisville, KY
Susan Snowden
Senior Manager | Tuscaloosa, AL
Sean Winkel
Senior Manager | St. George, UT
Scot Goldring
Senior Manager | North Fulton County, GA
Craig Trimble
Senior Manager | Jacksonville, FL
Riana Linsky
Senior Manager | Tucson, AZ
Wendy Holloway
Senior Manager | Atlanta, GA
Michael Connelly
Senior Manager | Boston, MA
Tina Lawrence
Senior Manager | Grafton, WV
Becka Sherman
Accounting & Tax Supervisor
Becky McCarty
Senior Tax Accountant
Huyen Puyleart
Tax & Accounting Manager
Rebecca Guerrero
Client Service Specialist
Colleen Bingley
Senior Accountant
Lauren Chapman
Senior Accountant
Lea Pescadera
Administrative Assistant
Roan Benitez
Staff Accountant

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