A Horse of a Different Color

Dark Horse is an anti-CPA firm. We exist to serve accountants so that they can best serve clients. Other firms exist to serve clients and shove accountants into their predefined box of client service. Take the power back. We're here to disrupt the traditional power structures the incumbents use to control accountants in their effort to extract the maximum value from them possible, only to discard them when they burn out. We're here to disrupt public accounting for the positive, creating better careers and lives in the process.

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Dark Horse’s Golden Rule

Every decision made and action taken must benefit you, your clients, your peers, or the firm as a whole (collectively, the stakeholders) without being at the expense of any of these stakeholders.

Our Founders

Chase Birky

Co-Founder + CEO + Podcaster

Chase aimed to build a firm that specialized in serving small businesses and individuals that were too often overlooked by the big guys.

Max Fritz

Co-Founder + COO

Max is passionate about helping small businesses and individuals navigate the ever-changing tax landscape.

Meet Our CPAs

We are in the business of attracting the Dark Horse CPAs in the industry. They are dynamic, motivated, entrepreneurial, and are 5+ years into their career. They deserve to be given a shot to succeed. We have been fortunate to attract some of the BEST in the industry.

Meet our CPAs

Our Clients

Our clients come to us looking for a higher caliber CPA. They want someone they can build a long-term relationship with, reach out to when questions come up, and trust that you are their go-to resource for all Tax and Accounting needs. We focus on individuals and small to medium-sized businesses because we believe we can make the largest positive impact on this group of people.

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