CPAs: How To Attract and Retain Employees Amid a Talent War

  • Dark Horse CPAs
February 10, 2022

Wars aren’t won by trial and error but through diligent strategy. If your current approach is “all quiet on the Western Front,” it’s time to rethink the way you attract and retain employees amid today’s talent war. It’s a whole different work climate—here are five things you can do to achieve victory:

1. Think Purpose, Not Just Paychecks

Simply punching the clock has lost its appeal for much of today’s workforce. Younger employees, in particular, are looking for a place of purpose and belonging, an employer that cares about something more than the bottom line.

Emphasize your purpose, and help prospective workers see how they might find a place on your team. For example, if you or your accounting firm does any outside charity work, include these activities in your recruiting materials. Doing so can help attract those who earnestly want to be part of something bigger.

2. Provide Flexible Work Options

During the pandemic, many American workers got a taste for working from home and would prefer to stay there rather than endure the morning commute to the office. As a result, many employers are adapting to this new work culture with remote and hybrid roles.

Providing flexible options can help you attract CPAs who might be looking for a better work-life balance and help your accounting firm stand out from competitors.

3. Consider Your Employees “Rockstars”

Everyone likes to feel valued, but that’s going to take more than an “employee-of-the-month program” and a free keychain. Instead, help employees build their brands. Showcase star accountants, for example, on your company website or social media page. Or give them speaking roles at professional events.

Making your employees feel valuable can cultivate loyalty for years to come.

4. Up Your Benefits Game

Do you offer health insurance and a retirement plan? That is so 1990. Businesses of the twenty-first century are evolving their benefits even further, offering additional benefits for maternity leave, adoption, elder care, and more.

These added benefits signal your commitment to an increasingly diverse workforce, which can be a great recruiting point when attracting prospective talent.

5. Turn Your Critics Into Coaches

A talent war leaves many casualties, and many business managers will feel the sting of having star employees walk out the door.

Before they go, conduct an exit interview to discuss their reasons for leaving, or allow them to write down their thoughts in an email. You just might learn that there’s room for improvement. The feedback might be painful, but you can allow criticism to coach you into greater future success.

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